NGeneBio started from the first in-house subcommittee system of Korea Telecom company and established to commercialize the technology accumulated through the establishment of a joint research institute with Seoul National University and various genome researches after the first cloud-based gene analysis project in Korea.

2017 Technology commercialization

07 Institutional review board registered  for in vitro diagnostic reagent
06 BRCAaccuTestTM  & NGeneAnalySysTM CE-IVD approved
05 ISO13485 certificated NGS software
04 Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety approved clinical trail for NGS panel
02 GMP certification for NGS software and in vitro diagnosis medical device & quality criterion
01 Released NGeneAnalySys

2016 Commercialization foundation

12 Acquired ISO 9001, 13485 Certification
11 Contracted development and development of chemotherapy drug development project
10 Acquired GMP certification for in vitro diagnostic reagent
08 Selected for Intellectual Property R&D
07 Genetic Testing Agency Approved
06 Launched NGS based breast cancer panel & S/W (illumina MiSeq & MiSeq Dx), Selected as a project to commercialize fetal genetic diseases
05 Selected as an NGS disease analysis platform commercialization project
03 Designated as a venture enterprise

2015 Established NGeneBio

12 Built NGS Molecular Laboratory
11 Selected NGS based chemotherapy diagnosis project, establishment of company-affiliated research institute
10 Established NGeneBio Co., Ltd.


15.10 Established NGeneBio and Spin off
12 Launched cloud-based genome service, established Korea Telecom company (CIC) No. 1