Hematologic Malignancy Panel


Hematologic malignancy refers to malignant tumors that occur in blood, blood vessels, lymph nodes, lymphatic organs, and constitute a variety of gene instability such as gene mutation, rearrangement, and amplification.

While existing gene analysis technology only confirms the presence of certain mutations in cancer genes, diagnosis using NGS technology makes it possible to analyze the major gene mutation patterns of patients and identify the side-by-side variations to enable personalized diagnosis. HEMEaccuTestTM is a product for detecting and analyzing mutations in blood cancer-related genes using NGS.


NGS workflow for hematologic malignancy diagnosis


Category Contents
Predesigned Custom designed
Target Design Target regions Pre-selectes genomic regions associated with a disease custom select target genomic regions of specific interests
Gene content > 50 genes depend on the interest region
Targeting method captured by hybridization to biotinylated probes
Sequencing Input DNA 100~200 ng 100~200 ng
Sample 8~10 samples (options include control DNA) depend on the target size
Sequencer MiseqDx, MiSeq, MiniSeq
Reagent Kit MiSeq Reatent Mini Kit v2/v3 300 cyckes
Read Cycles 2 x 150 bp (paired-end reads)
Turn Around Time Total 2~3 days : library prep (1 day) + sequencing run (1~2 days)
Sequencing data Coverage Average ≥ 500X
Minimum ≥ 100X
Variants Differentiate 100% of SNV, INDEL variants (can detect large Indel up to 300bp)
Analysis solution NGeneAnalySys™ analysis software
Analyzing time 3hrs / sample
Cat.No Contents Reactions Price
NGB121UIA71 HEMEaccuTestTM
DNA Library Preparation Kit
96 rxns
NGB121UIA72 HEMEaccuTestTM
DNA Target Enrichment Kit
8 rxns (up to 96 tests)
NGB122UIA71 HEMEaccuTestTM
RNA Library Preparation Kit
96 rxns
NGB122UIA72 HEMEaccuTestTM
RNA Target Enrichment Kit
8 rxns (up to 96 tests)