Analysis Software



NGeneAnalySysTM is a software for analysis of the genetic testing data produced by next generation sequencing (NGS) and helps to report in clinical-grade for oncology test.

It provides accurate pathogenic variants information based on ACMG guideline and relevant therapy information based on databases (solid tumor / hematologic malignancies), which enables efficient on-site data analysis for clinical NGS.


Advanced analytical platform

  • Compliance with ACMG guideline for NGS clinical use
  • Provides tier-based reporting with therapeutic drug information and clinical trials
  • Detected variants list with detailed information and visual charts


Accurate interpretation

  • Recent databases employed and In Silico prediction
    • Reference sequence DB
    • Population DB
    • Cancer specific DB
    • Constitutional variant DB
    • Internal DB

Create Report

  • Provides QC report on sample data and clinical report of variants analysis

Easy analysis

  • From data uploading to analysis result by one UI operation